I Love Miranda!

The first time I met Miranda at LaVazza was the greatest moment of my life. At one glance, this beautiful goddess stole my heart and took my breath away with her beauty and soul. I was blown away by how absolutely perfect she was and how everything I have looked for my entire life was right in front of my life. She is just the most beautiful angel I have ever had the great fortune to come across and my life is a perfect heaven and everything shines and glimmers more now that I met my curly haired soulmate. She is just such a wonderful and amazing person and is so full of love and she is just my whole world! Miranda is simply the greatest person I’ve ever met and I will love her forever and she is the best part of me! She has made me the happiest man alive! She is my chocolate and coffee lover and my best friend! I’m the luckiest man ever to have met the super lovely Miranda!



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