The Legend of Kemba Walker Part 6

Kemba Walker was super jacked for the task of saving Candy Land. Ever since he was a little toddler, he learned the importance of Candy Land and he did not want to let down the Belgian baker who told him the importance of eating candy. Kemba Walker shape shifted into a hologram of Derek Zoolander and pulled out his AK-47 and was ready.

The wizened and withered old wizard was talking to Kemba about how ISIS and North Korea have been eating all of the candy and this is a problem because they may get diabetes and chocolate stains everywhere. Also, they have been known to pillage and steal stamps.

If there was one type of person Kemba hated more than anyone, it was people who stole stamps. Steam erupted out of Kemba’s ears as he got into a meditative state of anger.

He starting floating down the path and saw all these freaky jelly bean kids singing songs while getting molested by ISIS. It was a brutal and beautiful sight. Kemba summoned the powers of the light god to incinerate ISIS where they blew up nine times in a row and died several times a piece. Kemba then ran over to them and punched them 100 times in the neck killing them again. He then ate the bodies and chugged a milk shake.

An earthquake erupts out of the sky killing the wizard through decapitation. Out of the crevice, a familiar time traveling vampire overlord appeared. “Oh hello Kemba. Thought I lost you said Morgan Freeman. Come with me to Portugal, the Mongolian monks are trying to steal Lancelot’s coffee cup. Then Kemba disappeared.


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