Kemba Walker: “Klaby Baby Klabisch” Is my Role Model

In an interview with Kemba Walker, the legendary protagonist of the “Legend of Kemba Walker”, he talks about his motivation and drive.


“All I really want is to be as cool and chill as this chill kid named Klaby in the Midwest. I’m like holy cow, this kid is so chill. It made me realize that I could be chiller and maybe stop aggresively murdering so many people. I had a deep revelation about the world when I first spotted his red hair hidden in a tree and I am like, Wow he is having lots of fun! Sure, I am a baller and do whatever I want and can time travel but I don’t necessarily have lots of fun doing it. I can sometimes be stressed out. But this red headed human was like Hey man, look at this pinecone. So I examined the pinecone and I’m like pinecones are narly. Then he introduced me to Natty Lites and I’m like, where have I been!”

Life would be swell if there were more Klabies in the world. I just want to lay on a hammock and chill now with a beer.


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