Legend of Kemba Walker Part 5

Kemba Walker woke up after blacking out and being snagged. There were a bunch of funny looking elf people around me and staring at him. One of them looked like a lollipop, another looked like a strawberry cake. They were all singing and dancing and eating marshmallows and candy.

The sky was bright purple and it was raining Skittles down on the streets made of Gum Drops. Gummi worms slithered in the streets and Animal Crackers were hissing in the trees. Kemba did not know if he was imagining all of this or if this was real life. A giant clock was in the middle of the sky slowly rotating clockwise and birds started singing Bruno Mars. It then started to rain Twizzlers from the sky which Kemba devoured.

Kemba tried to get up but saw his hands were handcuffed together and his cuffs were made of Butter Cookies and jaw breakers. He tried eating the cookie handcuffs but as soon as he ate it, a new one instantly formed.

After some time, a wizened old Wizard flew down from the sky in a rainbow of chocolate and descended down towards Kemba. He said, “Welcome to Candy Land, we have been waiting for you. We need you to restore the land back to how it was by defeating the Wicked Witch.”


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