Jags vs Waluigi Game Summary

Waluigi vs the Jacksonville Jaguars has been hyped for months as the must see matchup of the 2015 Stanley Cup. It  featured a villain team in Waluigi and an underdog team in the Jaguars.

Before this game Waluigi set the record for most fouls while Jaguars set the record for most compliments and nicest team. Waluigi has long, lanky legs and loves body checking everyone and giggling like a villain. The Jags are all about peacefully playing and shying away from contact and making friends with everyone.

Waluigi has sent 1,000 players to the ER this season with broken necks, chopped off knee caps and other ailments while the Jags have saved many orphans lives from fires.

Madonna started the game off by singing, “Ice Ice Baby” and then Usher sang the Estonian National Anthem in front of all the people and animals. Waluigi started the game by literally murdering 10 players on the Jaguars with a battle axe he hid from security and went off to an early 55-0 lead.

At halftime, the Jaguars put in Blake Bortles in goal and Justin Blackmon at forward and Denard Robinson who unleashed on Waluigi and pummeled him. The game went to triple OT where Bortles got the game winning Bicycle puck goal off his face mask. The Jags won. Time to celebrate with some Patron.



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