The Adventures of Kemba Chapter 4

Brontosaurus skin Kemba Walker was flying through the abyss of space and time with Vampire Overlord Denzel Washington. He felt really thirsty for blood and fried chicken. As they were barreling through the dark space, he noticed interesting sights to the sides. He saw a squirrel of a pinkish hue playing the harmonica. The song was super creepy, as if the Devil was making love with a bunny rabbit. The song made Kemba cry as it made him see visions of the future. He heard some lyrics, “Watch out for the yellow the red tree…mortal..kill all…moose in the valley”. Then the squirrel disappeared and a large Oak tree appeared with large pinecones and apples hanging from the tree. The tree was very powerful and was sending him a message through telekinesis. The tree sent out its long roots and snagged Kemba and bound him tight.

As he was bound and unable to move, Kemba was unable to breathe and threw up everywhere. The tree seemed to be warning Kemba of some future encounter that he would soon be betrayed and without the weapon made out of buffalo diamonds, all will perish in eternal damnation forever. Kemba felt the roots let up of him and the tree disappeared. Then he heard the Oak Tree whisper in his head, “I will be watching you my fellow creature”.

Kemba Walker was confused and then realized that he had no idea where Denzel Washington was. The tree stopped him from his path in the space portal and now he had no idea where to go but he was really thirsty. He tried to mentally propel himself forward and continue the trek and he started moving again in the darkness. Then a loud CHUH KAAAAAA ERUPTED OUT OF THE BELLOWS BELOW and snagged Kemba Walker in a vicious grip. Then Kemba blacked out.


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