Story of Kemba Walker Chapter 3

The mysterious cloaked being had an air of confidence about him and looked a lot like Kemba Walker. The man was holding two swords in each hand, each a different color and size. One was Purple, one was Green, one was Invisible and the other leather. He had a battle axe on his back, he was covered in blood. He was missing an ear. He wore an eye patch. There was a boa constrictor in his coat pocket. He had a scar from the top of his head to his chest that was thick. He looked menacing and had sharp teeth. There were daggers coated with poison hidden in each of his boots.

He stepped forward and said that he had been waiting for Kemba Walker and that time is of the essence. He said that his name was Denzel Washington and that he would soon become a big deal. Denzel Washington explained to Kemba that without his help, evil would triumph and all hell will break through. He told him that he is a time traveling vampire who is trying to prevent Sauron from getting his hands on King Arthur’s Crown and other hidden artifacts to turn the galaxy into a web of darkness.


Then Denzel Washington leaped forward and dug his fangs into Kemba Walker. Walker’s eyes bulged and he became crazy and wanted nothing more than blood.

“I will teach you the ropes lad. The first few hours will suck dick.” Then a space portal appeared in front of them and they fell through the abyss into the unknown.


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