Story of Kemba Walker Chapter 2

Kemba Walker was feeling pretty damn satisfied from that T Rex blow job he just sustained. He just felt like the Master of the Universe right now. As he was trudging through the Amazon hunting for some food, he started to feel a tingling in his loins and heard some strange voices in his head that sounded scared. He was gnawing at the carcass of a baby brontosaurus when he heard a loud warning in his ear. Kemba Walker felt confused and also compelled to listen to this voice in his head. The voice was guiding him and he felt almost powerless against its will and it took him through new paths he had never gone before. After around 3 hours of walking tirelessly, the voices in his head slowed down and said that he had arrived. Kemba looked around and he was on a beach, which would eventually become Hawaii. He was standing on top of a volcano and the voice told him it was urgent for him to enter the volcano right away! So Kemba turned into his Basketball guise and jumped into the volcano.
He landed in a room full of food and water and some strange devices that Kemba had never seen before. There was also a microscope and a telescope and other space gadgetry although Kemba didn’t know what they were for.
An old record player started playing some Kid Cudi and Kemba felt compelled to get jiggy with it. All of a sudden a huge explosion rocked the Earth and the world fell silent as every single dinosaur and creature on Earth died in a horrifying and painful explosion of fire. Five Hundred meteors hit Earth and destroyed everything but Kemba was safe in the secure Volcano lab.
Then a secret door opened behind the table with the telescope and said, “Hello Kemba Walker”…


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