Story of Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker was born during the Jurassic Era in the time of dinosaurs and large alligators. He was born when the cosmos from the sky merged with the velociraptors and then he was created. Kemba was the only human being alive in the Dinosaur Age, although he was not entirely human. Kemba Walker is actually an animorph who adapts extremely well and is able to shed his skin. Walker is not a human, he is actually a Stegosaurus Animus who has shape shifted into the guise of a human. Because he has the cosmos in his body, he was granted the ability to shape shift into a baller.
Charlotte Bobcats v Golden State Warriors

One day, Stegosaurus Kemba Walker was travelling in Somalia, where there was no pirates yet and spotted a large tree. Walker wanted to get to the top to eat some coconuts but he was really fat and cannot jump. So he got upset and wished he was able to jump like a baller and he shape shifted into Kemba Walker Basketball player and easily jumped the 110 ft to the top of the tree where he ate some coconuts and saved some to try and win some T Rex pussy with it. This was when Kemba Walker realized he was different than the other dinosaurs, like he was invincible. He kept his shape shifting ability a secret and sought out Timberilna the T Rex to offer her some cocounuts in exchange for a blowjob.

A Young Kemba Walker.

A Young Kemba Walker.


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