Interesting Facts about Damir “Q”

1) Damir is more Bosnian than Rosa Parks, Chuck Norris and Peyton Manning combined!!!!

2) Damir has done over 105 Jackie Chan moves!

3) Damir has consumed over 250 calories from Mickey’s!

4) Damir could defeat over 50 rabbits in a fight!

5) Damir has never been to North Korea

6) Damir is not allergic to tilapia

7) Damir loves Leona Lewis

8) Damir knows a guy who can get $10

9) Damir is the chillest guy in Sarajevo History

10) Damir killed the Loch Ness Monster

11) Damir thinks Pepsi is dumb.

12) Damir is mad they don’t sell Coke with Lime anymore

13) Damir eats more than a gerbil!

14) Damir can speak English!

15) Damir is related to both of his parents!


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