Steve Pflanz’s Favorite Bands

Local Biologist and Stem Cell research enthusiast, Steve Pflanz has gained notoriety and prestige with how cool and hip he has remained over the years. While other people get sucked into the new, lame bands, Pflanz doesn’t get sucked into these trends as he is a firm believer in quality music. Like he said in his Sci-Fi biography, “So many people listen to dumb music, but I listen to the realist music out there. Music is meant to make you rage and feel angry as if your heart is going to beat out of your ribcage. Like a viper eating its prey. The raw, uncensored energy.”

Here is a pic of Steve Pflanz.

Here is a pic of Steve Pflanz.

If you want to listen to bands that would make you cooler and as a result, you will live a more fulfilling life, then take note:

  1. Chevelle- According to Pflanz, “Chevelle is orgasmic!!! If you don’t listen to Chevelle, what are you f&&^&*&&*& doing with your life? I’m just kidding but seriously! The Red is narly”
  2. Tool- “Ironically, if you listen to Tool, you are not a tool. This band makes me want to play with hammers and smash walls.
  3. Chemical Brothers- “The only electronic band worth listening to. It’s like I am floating in a cloud of pizza. These are the most realist and illest electronica out there. Listen to them.”
  4. Rage Against the Machine- “I rage harder than anyone to them! I think I grow 3 inches when I mosh pit. Intense!”
  5. Linkin Park-“They are rad”
  6. Radiohead-“This band is aaaahhhh aaaahhh like omg ethereal! It’s like music in your ears. Wow.”
  8. 311-“So chill. I want to drink a 312 and listen to 311.”
  9. Metallica-“THEY GO HARD AS F&&^&%^&”
  10. The Offspring-“I honestly hate people who never listened to the Offspring! I mean, they are only like the best punk rock band of the 90’s. Smash was like the 1st album I grew up listening to. If you don’t listen to them, you suck.”

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