T Swift Homie Gets on the Board

If you are anybody in this world, then you know what League of Legends is and that is  basically the greatest fucking thing ever made. Can it get better than minions and dragons and all that? No it cannot. Well if you have been following professional League Players as you should, then you would know that Team Curse is one of the best teams in North America. Team Curse rarely ever show mercy when they face an inferior foe and completely dismantle whomever they face, unless they are facing the robotic Asians. The amount of magic damage that Team Curse has dealt to opponents is a large number. They killed the dragon many times.

So you would expect Team Curse to dominate shitty opponents in random friendlies. If you have never heard of the summoner, T Swift Homie, that’s because he sucks at League and is basically a goddamn troll. If you look at his stats, you will see they are awful. His kill-ratio is terrible and apparently he doesn’t get much better with playing. You can see he has no idea what the hell he is building with his items, all armor Dr.Mundo seven games in a row? All attacking Sona? Plus he has been reported by his teammates for not helping out in battles as he wanders around the forest lost and trying to kill wolves, and ultimately failing.

Team Curse had a big tourney game coming up and wanted to play someone easy to boost their confidence so they sent a challenge to T Swift Homie who accepted it. The game was set for a 5 on 5 match and Team Curse were all pros remember. T Swift Homie’s other teammates were his other drunk stoner friends who rarely have good internet connection to play and often lag and do questionable things. Well T Swift Homie chose first and picked ADC Sona and chose the emo gothic skin. The rest of his team chose four other support while Team Curse chose normal positions.

As the game started, Team Curse went up 15 kills in the 1st 5 minutes using wit and strategy and mashings of the button and W. They must have better mouses or computers complained T Swift Homie as he fell into the booby trap again and got killed with one hit. His team lacked team chemistry and they all sucked. They were so bad that nobody on the team got a single minion kill because Team Curse was too good.

In the 33rd minute, Sona made a bold move. While her other teammates were in battle, she teleported to the jungle and hid in the bushes for 10 minutes to avoid capture. When the coast was clear, she made her way out and started attacking one of the wolves. It took 23 seconds before she killed it and Team Curse had no idea what just happened. The minion steal of the century. Sure she died from the other wolf right after but she got the only minion kill of the day. Team Curse won 3 minutes later without dying.

T Swift Homie is on the rise.



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